On 13 October 2016 the government published their writing (2016/17:29) Regeringens strategi för det nationella arbetet med mänskliga rättigheter.  The gist of the document is that the observance of Sweden’s international commitment of human rights can not be taken for granted. Steps must be taken to ensure a coherent structure on […]

The Government’s strategy for the national work on human rights

In the spring of 2016, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions contracted Emerga Research and Consulting to gather information on how regions outside of Sweden are integrating and developing Human Rights in their steering processes. Emerga has assembled examples of planning, target setting, implementing and monitoring the work with human rights. Emerga […]

Human rights in local and regional steering processes

Emerga has been commissioned to carry out a study on international examples on human rights integration in local and regional governance. The aim of the study is to find good examples from an international point of view and provide insights and ideas for Swedish municipalities and regions. This assignment is […]

The search for good examples of working with human rights ...

Emerga supports the capacity-building of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in Nepal. In October 2015 Emerga Research and Consulting’s senior advisor Elisabeth Abiri is in Kathmandu, for the fourth time this year. A previous assignment concerning the implementation plan of the NHRC’s new strategic plan is now followed by […]

We support the capacitybuilding of the National Human Rights Commission ...

Press release 2015-02-25 Gothenburg consultants expand their international outreach through a new framework agreement with Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) The Gothenburg-based consultancy company Emerga Research and Consulting has won a framework agreement as part of a consortium headed by SKL International for the area public administration and human rights. […]

Gothenburg consultants broadens its international activities through the framework agreement ...

Development of human rights indicators Emerga has been engaged by the City of Stockholm to develop human rights indicators that can measure how the city fulfils its responsibilities for human rights. In June 2015 we presented human rights indicators for four overarching objectives in the city’s budget to the offices of […]

Developing of human rights indicators