Mänskliga rättigheter i praktiken

The Government’s strategy for the national work on human rights

On 13 October 2016 the government published their writing (2016/17:29) Regeringens strategi för det nationella arbetet med mänskliga rättigheter.  The gist of the document is that the observance of Sweden’s international commitment of human rights can not be taken for granted. Steps must be taken to ensure a coherent structure on an overall level to promote and protect the human rights.

”The utter most responsibility to ensure that Sweden live by our commitment to the conventions is incumbent upon the state. In practice, the work with ensuring observance of the conventions is carried out in national, regional and local public administration.

This being said, the work with human rights is not just a matter for the state, and neither can it be handled in side tracks or be limited to short-term projects or limited efforts. It must instead be carried out structurally and systematically as a natural part of every concerned operations work with legal compliance and quality assurance.” (page 7)



We at Emerga welcome the view of the work on human rights as by necessity a systematic and structured, active work that needs to be a natural part of the public administrations.